Sweet Returns in Every Bite

Our bakery is a special place, the kind you remember and return to time after time. Each bite we bake is made by hand, from scratch, in small batches using the freshest of ingredients. Mouthwatering deliciousness from savory and sweet to hearty meals you'll want more of! When possible, we purchase ingredients from Maine businesses to support them. Stop in and treat yourself to a delicious treat, a meal to go, or a beautiful floral arrangement.

It's all in the Ingredients

  • Every bite is made from scratch.
  • We laminate our own doughs.
  • Fruit fillings are from scratch with high quality, local (when possible) IQF fruit.
  • Our turkey pies are made from turkey breasts slow roasted overnight with our own gravy made from the pan drippings.
  • Our cakes are made to order and customized for each order.
  • Beet juice is used to reduce the amount of food coloring in our red velvet cake by 90%.
  • Cornmeal, oats and various flours sourced from Maine Grains and the Somerset Grist Mill.